Wendy and Richard

Clients who’d earlier renovated their kitchen later decided to update the rest of the apartment. Both educators, Wendy and Richard are serious about books, schooling, art and music. With four kids, the dining room serves as homework and craft central, with a desk for each child and two large bulletin boards for handmade treasures. Custom bookcases fill a wall of the living room, replacing freestanding storage. Confession: I was never a really big fan of Mission furniture or primitive masks, so this project challenged me. Set against the old white walls, it was all just a sea of dull brown and – even for me – it was hard to picture a happy design using them. But once the space was livened up with bold paint colors, new roman shades and Nelson light fixtures, things came to life. In the end, I had great fun arranging the masks, dubbing one furry display “the wall of ’70s hairstyles.” Another set reminded me of Disney characters (Sleepy, Happy, Bashful, Grumpy, etc.). They turned out to be fantastic elements in the design.

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