Readymade Decorating™

Sometimes you don’t need a big renovation, just a freshening up or finishing touches. If you’ve tried to pick out a couch on your own, but one Saturday spent at Crate and Barrel had your head spinning, perhaps you’d prefer to review an edited selection that takes the bigger picture into account (and accounts for how big a couch can fit). To make your home look and feel more pulled-together, suggestions are made for readily-available furniture, window treatments, rugs, accessories and lighting. Then we’ll arrange it all and hang the pictures!

A few examples of Readymade Decorating™ projects:
Jim, a newly single dad who needed to furnish a 4-bedroom apartment for his kids before school started.
Christine wanted a facelift to update her tired furniture and color scheme.
Book lovers needed to correct a previous renovation that left awkward sight lines and not enough storage.
Alex needed a decorating plan that considered his needs while aging-in-place.
Sue and Jerry started from scratch with all new furniture and art after reclaiming their pied-a-terre from renters.
Mary and Rob wanted to consolidate bedroom storage while we were renovating their bathroom. 
wanted some decorating help tacked on to the larger renovation we did for her. 
Children’s rooms are usually a Readymade Decorating™ project.

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Custom work is also available. I collaborate with a wide variety of skilled specialists who handle upholstery, window treatments, refinishing, etc.
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