the silver sliver

A few years back, the owner had refaced his kitchen cabinets in a quickie makeover that he now hated;
a more streamlined look was needed to better match his collection of classic modern furniture. While this super narrow kitchen is typical of tight city spaces, we still “make it work!”
Also see the before & after video


Below: We gutted the room and opened up a taller doorway, then did a budget renovation by using Ikea cabinets and reusing some appliances.

tj-3   tj-5   tj-9

Angled corner cabinets are one of my pet peeves, so we straightened the layout and replaced
the too-deep fridge and dishwasher with more integrated models. Large-scale porcelain floor tiles
are a breeze to keep clean.


A wall vent positioned in the middle of the cabinet run (above, right) was a tricky issue in need
of an elegant solution. We aligned the stove with the vent and ordered up the same grille as the
microwave (found as a replacement part on the manufacturer’s website).

tj-1   tj-15   tj-7

Above, left: Glass backsplash tiles pair with a Caesarstone counter, while bright LED lights swap out the depressing old fluorescent tubes. Above, center: Drawer bases and a more efficient cabinet layout mean there’s now never an excuse for the overflowing counters of old. Above, right: The old fridge was way too deep for the space and showed an ugly black edge. The new fridge aligns perfectly with the pantry cabinet.