lagos and eramosa

This bathroom was part of a larger gut renovation for Alex. The room was enlarged from its original footprint and a tub was converted into a spacious shower. An adjacent dressing area was created from a formerly narrow hallway by reworking traffic patterns. The palette is based on Lagos Azul, a delicate limestone rendered practical here by using a porcelain version. Eramosa, a striated chocolate stone quarried in western New York, is formed into a custom floating sink.

Also see the before and after video.
Additional photos from this project can be viewed here and here.

alex-18   alex-19

Above: The bathroom incorporates several discreet safety features, including automatic guide lights. A single glass panel serves as the shower enclosure while the shower floor is pitched to eliminate the need for a curb. Niches are precisely mitered into the tile run.

Aging eyes have a hard time distinguishing between surfaces that are similar in tone, leading to trips and falls, but when surfaces are contrasting, falls are reduced by 80%. Hence the high-contrast black fixtures against light tiles, and a dark mosaic floor that contrasts well with the white toilet. These grab bars are stylish enough to double as towel bars.

alex-22   alex-23

Above: Ribbed glass pocket doors bookend the dressing area, offering both daylight and privacy. The stylish stone sink meets ADA requirements. A medicine cabinet set into the wall is faux-finished to match the wall tile. Missoni towels are a lux touch.

alex-20   alex-24

Above: The dressing area incorporates hanging closets, a built-in dresser, utility cabinet and even a cat box. The carpeted floor contrasts with the wood and stone saddles at either end, a texture change that signals a doorway even in the dark. All surfaces are flush to prevent trips. High gloss finishes on woodwork keeps things spiffy.


Above: The bathroom exits to both the bedroom and, via the dressing area, the living room. While wall-to-wall carpet isn’t the right choice for every room, it’s a good option in a situation where area rugs can be a trip hazard. This all-wool version is lustrous and super soft to the touch, while the geometric pattern helps hide dirt. A second work area for an assistant also functions as the perfect mail drop spot. The moon walk photos over the drop-down desk are favorites, placed to greet Alex as he rises each morning.