a rose in harlem

Mary’s floor-through apartment was truly enchanting . . . except for the tiny kitchen she’d inherited. It lacked a dishwasher, counter space or any real storage, items that have all been addressed in the makeover. Now the kitchen is as cheerful and bright as the rest of the home.

Also see the before and after video.


Above: We patched the existing open shelves into the new tall pantry cabinet and built base cabinets with distinctive thick vertical posts to the floor. Rather than under-cabinet pucks, we mounted three library lights and added vintage pendants.


Above: Mary’s style could be described as country, but given that the kitchen sits next to a large closet with sleek modern doors, I wanted a look that would integrate well. The whitewashed oak of those doors was matched in the finish of the modern icebox cabinets we built. For a seamless look, the old stone tile floor was replaced with cork stained the same color as the existing wood floors.

macleod-8  macleod-9

Above: A white stove keeps the run of white cabinets visually unbroken. The stone backsplash is matched to the height of the stove vent for a clean, continuous line. Pull-out drawers inside the doors hold utensils, pots and pans.

macleod-11  macleod-12

Above: A retro style Smeg fridge is a charming touch. The tall pull-out pantry holds the equivalent of 2 wall cabinets, plus the deep storage above.


Above and below: A porcelain farmhouse sink combines with a gooseneck bridge faucet and a Luce de Luna granite counter, carved with an integral drainboard. The dishwasher to the left of the sink has a cabinet panel to match the rest. The backsplash was left untiled for a simple look, and coated with enamel paint for easy cleaning.