art deco penthouse

Although the master bath of this high-rise apartment came with all the hallmarks of 1980s design, including “Hollywood” strip lights, it had two advantages we made great use of: It was larger than your average NYC bathroom, and it had a whirlpool tub. No one wants a whirlpool tub anymore, but the niche that had been created to hold such a gigantic fixture was big enough to do something really unique: Combine a soaking tub with a walk-in shower.

See the before and after video.
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Above: The tub is placed inside a classic framed shower enclosure, complete with transom to regulate steam. The chevron pattern of the marble floor was based on reference photos of a 1930s residence. The electric towel warmer outside the shower also acts as an on-demand radiator. The row of black marble trim at the base of the walls is a practical measure, as white marble can darken over time where it remains wet for prolonged periods. It also serves to keep a clean horizontal line, level with the shower curb.


Above: The tub is formed from Corian, and fitted with a carved overflow edge; you can soak in water up to your neck in this beauty. A drain in the adjacent shower floor catches the overflow. The shower floor is black mosaic marble to prevent slips. A niche holds shampoos.

211-mbath-sink-angle-600     211-mb-a-1-1     211-mb-a-1-4

211-mbath-1     211-mb-a-1-3     211-mb-a-1-2

Above: The tile design pulls out all the stops: The washstand sink is flanked by rows of marble mosaic and glass tiles backed with gold leaf. His-and-her cabinets sit on either side of the sink niche. A brass liner tile holds the black marble border. A niche low on the wall of the shower is handy when soaking in the tub.