lavender and rose

I’m always happy when a client says they have a favorite color. For Kara, that color was lavender. A smokey lavender is a natural choice for a bedroom. Here, we punched it up with crisp black and white accents. Then we carried that combo into the laundry room, with black cabinets, black and white tiles, and a bold wallpaper in navy and rose, where lavender acts as the neutral note. In the open central space, Kara’s bold Fiestaware plates and a rosy wallpaper – used inside the glass kitchen cabinets –repeat the bouncy palette.

Also see the before and after video.
Additional photos from this project can be viewed here. 

kara-25   kara-1-8   kara-br33

Above and below: The bedroom is pretty and soothing, the lavender paint is punched up with crisp black and white accents.


Below: You get a hint of lavender at the doorway to the laundry, and the punch of bold accent colors.


Below: In the laundry room, black cabinets and a black and white splash tile pick up on notes from the bedroom. In the wallpaper pattern, the quiet color of the leaves is the same lavender as the bedroom, while the rose and blue notes connect to accents in the living room and the black vines tie into the cabinets.

kara-1-4   kara-2

kara-3   kara-ladder-600

Above: Bright chrome pulls dress up inexpensive Ikea cabinets inside the laundry room. A pulley clothes dryer lifts out of the way to dry (a wall mounted fan, out of frame, keeps the room well-ventilated). The wood ladder that is used to access the top cabinets is also used to access a separate attic space that sits over the kitchen (adding the equivalent storage space of a suburban garage to a city apartment with little closet space).

To view the living room of this project, click here.