Mary’s garden-level Harlem home was beyond charming, with light flooding in from French doors at the back, and a lovingly curated collection of antiques. She’d already made several improvements before we met: removing some walls, painting the brick white and the ceiling grey. All she needed was a kitchen that fit with the warm nest she’d created. By extending the footprint out to include a small niche between the old kitchen and a closet, we were able to fit in a dishwasher plus sorely-needed storage and counter space. We swapped the stone tiles of the old kitchen for cork that matches the dark wood floors, making for a continuous sweep of color. We kept the original rough-hewn open shelves, carefully piecing scraps to blend into new cabinets, which are kitted out with Hoosier hardware.  Rather than the usual under-cabinets pucks, three library  sconces are mounted to the wall, and the surfeit of fluorescent ceiling fixtures are replaced with more elegant choices. The bridge faucet, curvy fridge and farm sink are right at home with Mary’s vintage dishes and canisters.

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