When Chelsea first wrote me, she described her kitchen as being 8′ wide x 22′ long x 12′ high. I imagined the numbers 8 and 12 were accidentally transposed, but no: This bowling alley of a space had originally been the parlor level entrance of a stately townhouse. When the building entrance was moved to street level, a kitchen was created in the space and the ceiling lowered to 8 feet on one end. The client wanted a kitchen styled to match the age of the house, and to double the storage. Reclaiming all that lost height, I designed a vaulted ceiling with a line of salvaged holophane pendants, atop 2 rows of wall cabinets, accessible by a rolling ladder. Vintage brass pulls trim out cabinets that mix painted wood with stained oak. Cabinets on both sides would have made the narrow space too closed in, but the spare wall space is put to use with an oversized cork board to hold pots and utensils. The tall column that divides the room in two is disguised as a pantry cabinet while concealing utilities. The color of the custom tiles is inspired by a line from the theme song: “The sun pours in like butterscotch.”

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