Alex did what a lot of book lovers do: Each time he outgrew the available shelves, he added another bookcase. But then it kind of took over. An enthusiast of the cosmos and space exploration, his prized “Moonwalk” photo was soon buried in a sea of mismatched disposable furniture. He needed a relaunch. This gut renovation creates a modern library atmosphere, replacing random bookcases with carefully engineered built-ins that incorporate media equipment, lighting, a work space, and HVAC units. Reworked doorways and traffic patterns add a dressing room where there had been a cramped hallway, while ribbed-glass pocket doors offer both light and privacy. The new design gives his Astronaut-autographed photo pride of place, and a gilded star map is hand-painted on the entry wall. And, although you’d never notice them, space-age technology and aging-in-place safety features are seamlessly integrated throughout the home.

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