About the work: I work on a wide range of projects, from complete gut renovations to single bathrooms to choosing paint palettes. Big or small, all projects begin with an initial consultation. Some clients only need that small bit of insight and advice, though most projects involve complete design services. One to One is independent design studio, not a showroom, so I’m not obligated to sell any particular product line. I evaluate your renovation needs and suggest materials after meeting with you at your home.

About me: I happened upon my first floor plan in one of my dad’s issues of Field and Stream (there must have been log cabins for sale). They made immediate sense to me and I started drawing and designing rooms at age 8. But I also loved type and photography, so after graduating from the School of Visual Arts I ran a graphic design studio for 14 years. All that time I was moving around the city from apartment to apartment, “fixing them up” for fun. Then I was assigned to art direct a series of magazines about renovation – and because the budget was so tight, I also acted as interior designer and general contractor. I found my true love.

So in 1996, I switched to designing rooms instead of page layouts. At first, I did all the work myself, carrying ladders and supplies through the service entrances of Park Avenue buildings. But I quickly needed a crew, so became the general contractor of a design/build firm. After a few years I realized I just wanted to design, and now operate with independent contractors.

It’s great having had this varied experience and seeing the process of renovation from so many perspectives. That’s why I consider all of us – the designer, the client, and the contractor – a team. When we renovate, there are no dictators, we’re solving things together and agreeing on the process as we go. One thing I learned being an art director was that if a crew was having a good time at a photo shoot, it showed on the film, and made for great photos. It’s the same with renovations: if the team has fun together doing the work, that makes for happy rooms.

(So let’s make some happy rooms!)


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